Monday, November 30, 2009

Zpagetti kleed bijna klaar...Zpagetti rug almost done...

Horatio (ook wel " Baby H." genoemd) houdt toezicht op de werkzaamheden.
Horatio (AKA "Baby H.") is checking my progress.

Met dank aan IKEA voor een ideale kwastmaker!
With thanks to IKEA for a great Tassel tool!

Horatio houdt ook erg van Zpagetti , vooral van een bol afrollen door de hele kamer heen!
Horatio also loves Zpagetti, especially taking it off the ball through the whole living room!

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Tracy said...

Hi Wilbert!
Horatio is clearly a cat of discernment! You should feature him more often :-) The rug is great! You must have strong hands to wield a 20mm hook!

I wanted to say how impressed my daughter and I were when we came to your shop in early November. It was a Saturday morning, and quite busy, so we didn't have time to chat, but all the shoppers were cheerful, and your service is excellent! I was SO amazed at the incredible range of stock you have! I stood in your shop and wanted to cry my eyes out, because I wanted it ALL! How I WISH we had been able to come to Hoorn at the beginning of our holiday, when my purse was full and my suitcase nearly empty! We had spent two weeks in Limburg, where there is very little going on in the knitting scene.

We came to Hoorn especially to come to your shop, and also paid a visit to the lovely Quilthuis Lieselotje, and I really do hope that I will be able to visit Hoorn again - it is a wonderful town!

In the meantime I will enjoy long-distance visits, through your blog.

Very best regards, Tracy in Zimbabwe