Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This is one of my personal favorites, shown by Caroline. It has so many different materials in it... many many different knitting yarns, but also ribbons cut from old jeans, sequin bands, elastic bands, lace etc etc, all knitted together. Caroline took it with her on a winter sport holiday in Austria and it attracted a lot attention!
This lady is one of our valued customers, showing the quilt style poncho she bought in our store. It is made from all kinds of square knitted samples from our store that I crochet together to make this one of a kind poncho. I did not have a picture of this piece yet, but when I asked the lady, she especially came by the store to have her picture taken. Thanx again!
The back of the quilt style poncho...
Caroline, my dear sister, showing the scarf I was knitting when I was photographed for the newspaper article. (one of the first entries on this blog) I used three yarns all together ( brown, olive and a varied one) on huge wooden needles, size 28 mm!!! They were made from a broom stick by my co-worker Martine's husband Marco. He is a wizard with wood!
Hello MUMMY! Ina is showing a scarf I knitted with two yarns together. One in a neutral creme and the other changes colour all the time, from the ball. This last yarn was very successful in our wintercollection 2005-2006, it is called Nepal, made by Lanas Katia from Spain. Muchas gracias Katia por los colores bonitos!
The back of the jeans jacket. I embroidered this with the PFAFF 2124 machine, which I love to use. (In our shop we are PFAFF dealer) and...great hair-dye job, Caroline!
This is a second hand jeans jacket I customized, sewing on a ribbon wool knitting yarn on all the seams and puttin on sequins and buttons and a handmade embroidered flower on the front.
My sister Caroline is showing a scarf made from 7 different yarns knitted together as one, slowly changing in colour from pink to blue,through turqoise to emerald green, with matching funky pompons. I always love to change and shift colours as I go, mixing different materials.