Thursday, November 29, 2007

Micro Knitting.

Mrs Alkemade also knits small things...The smallest dress is just 2 cm high. Small. Smaller, smallest!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Annie in Noro SiIk Garden Light

Annie took up knitting again, she started with not just any kind of yarn.... She bought 9 balls of Noro Silk Garden Light and made this fabulous piece. (in just 1 week!) She volunteered for a picture and I think it looks great!
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knitting in a small way...

Mrs. Marijke van Vuuren knits. On 0,8 mm needles that is... The tape measure shows centimeters to show you how small they actually are! These dolls are made from rubber, she told me it takes half an hour to get them dressed. When you actually see them for real the size just awes you. You can see and buy this lady's fine work at most doll fairs in The Netherlands.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Het leek me leuk om het engelstalige gedicht dat wordt voorgelezen in mijn video-entry van 4 november 2007 te vertalen. Ik het het vertaald en met zeer deskundige en bevlogen hulp van Dhr. Feenstra uit Hoorn luidt het gedicht nu als volgt:


Terwijl mijn vingers iedere steek tellen en koesteren, worden ze een hartslag, een veiligheid en een ritmisch welzijn.

Toer na toer, ontkom ik steeds minder aan meditatie. Mijn reis geleid door het ritme van de naalden, het weefraam, het spinnewiel.

Iedere centimeter weefsel is mijn getuigenis.
Steek voor steek verweef ik mijn ziel met het breisel.

Ik sluit mij aan bij een eeuwenlange rij van mensen, wier verhaal wordt verteld door de weefsels van de tijd:

De mensen uit de oudheid, die kostbare vezels door hun haar vlochten;

De vroege egyptische wevers, wier fijnlinnen windsels de farao’s op hun laatste reis beveiligden;

De vroegste zeevaarders, wier doelmatige knopen nu mijn truien verfraaien.

Doorgegeven aan toekomstige generaties, zullen onze levens-steken stand houden!

Knitting poem.

People have asked me to write down the beautiful poem that is read in my video blog entry from youtube, november 4th 2007. Please let me know if you know of the direct source of this poem.

Knitting poem.

As my fingers count and caress each stitch, they become a heartbeat, a safeguard and a rhythm of comfort.

Row after row, I am walled into meditation. My journey guided by the rhythm of the needles, the rhythm of the loom, the rhythm of the spinning wheel.

Each inch of fabric is my testimony. Stitch by stitch I incorporate my soul into the fabric.

I join a long strand of humanity, whose story is told through the textiles of time:

The ancients who braided precious fibres into their hair.

Early Egyptian weavers, whose delicate linen wrappings secured the final journey of the pharaohs.

The earliest mariners, whose purposeful knots now add beauty to my sweaters.

Past to future generations, our stitches of life will endure.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yarn art in steel.

This steel frame is normally used in Holland to strengthen concrete with but one of our very creative customers, mrs. Miedema, turned it into this piece of art! I think it looks really nice and kind of japanese. What an eclectic mix of techniques and yarns...Fantastic!
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The manly art of knitting video

This video sums up such beautiful things about knitting, told by men who knit!
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Friday, November 02, 2007


We are going to start with a new brand (for us). ROWAN! We are starting with 21 colours of Pure Wool DK and 15 colours of Kid Silk Haze, I hope to get them in soon! Have you ever seen our shop website?
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