Saturday, July 29, 2006

All natural crochet necklace...I used hemp yarn and shell-buttons, so incredibly easy to make and so stylish, as shown by one of the lovely girls of our neighbouring six store. I sometimes wear it myself...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is a picture of our appearance on the dutch TV show PaPaul from Paul de Leeuw. Very nice to meet him and to be on his show. I am in front, my collegue Martine is sitting next to me on the left.
I found this charming classic picture of a knitting lady on
Moi in a self-knitted and designed camouflage-fishnet, cheers! This was also Ibiza 2003, in the Ibiza city harbour.
I love this crochet band, bought in Ibiza, on a beach on the neighbouring island of Formentera. We are going again in sept 2006, I can't wait... there some great knitwear/crochet shops on Ibiza with hip handmade stuff.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Ueberbling - Bollywood - poncho! I love this one. I tried to be as bright, tropical and colourful as humanly possible, adding some bling yarn here and there. Thanx to Martha Stewart for the basic pattern and big thanx to Sharifa, one of the girls working in our neighbouring SIX shop, posing in this poncho!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Men who knit on Dutch TV! It was my 4th appearance on national TV, knitting away. Together with two other guys I was invited on the Max and Catherine Show, showing knitting is for everyone! Next to me sitting is a Yoga specialist, saying knitting is indeed the yoga. Except for the torso's, all the items behind us are designed and hand made by me.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Martine wear meets Wilbert wear. I did the crochet scarf and hat, with three yarns combined on a eurosize 15 hook! I was inspired by a girl on the plane on my trip back from NYC wearing a similar scarf, but I redesigned it. Martine customized the jeans jacket, and she knows how to do it with the wow-factor!
Modern classic I would call this. Made from a half silk and part linen yarn called Gala by Lana Grossa. I think it is very elegant. But also can be combined with jeans. A big hit in our spring 2006 collection!
Inspired by a Julia Roberts poncho-photo Martine designed this fabulous seventies looking crochet poncho. Granny squares? No way! it was a big success in our store, people made in in various colour combinations.
My collegue Martine's window dressing in our store...I think it looks stunning! She actually knitted the left bolero/cardigan, great colour combo girl! We borrowed some jeans and accessories from our neighbouring Superstar Store.
My first crochet project. I did some edges before but I had to try Martha's poncho pattern!
This bag is one of my first knits.I used three yarns that I varied all the time to create a slow colour transition. I can't sell it , I love it too much! Martine is wearing a self knitted creation from pink "Pep" yarn by Lana Grossa, with a crochet edge made with Sari by Lana Grossa.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This is one of my personal favorites, shown by Caroline. It has so many different materials in it... many many different knitting yarns, but also ribbons cut from old jeans, sequin bands, elastic bands, lace etc etc, all knitted together. Caroline took it with her on a winter sport holiday in Austria and it attracted a lot attention!
This lady is one of our valued customers, showing the quilt style poncho she bought in our store. It is made from all kinds of square knitted samples from our store that I crochet together to make this one of a kind poncho. I did not have a picture of this piece yet, but when I asked the lady, she especially came by the store to have her picture taken. Thanx again!
The back of the quilt style poncho...
Caroline, my dear sister, showing the scarf I was knitting when I was photographed for the newspaper article. (one of the first entries on this blog) I used three yarns all together ( brown, olive and a varied one) on huge wooden needles, size 28 mm!!! They were made from a broom stick by my co-worker Martine's husband Marco. He is a wizard with wood!
Hello MUMMY! Ina is showing a scarf I knitted with two yarns together. One in a neutral creme and the other changes colour all the time, from the ball. This last yarn was very successful in our wintercollection 2005-2006, it is called Nepal, made by Lanas Katia from Spain. Muchas gracias Katia por los colores bonitos!
The back of the jeans jacket. I embroidered this with the PFAFF 2124 machine, which I love to use. (In our shop we are PFAFF dealer) and...great hair-dye job, Caroline!
This is a second hand jeans jacket I customized, sewing on a ribbon wool knitting yarn on all the seams and puttin on sequins and buttons and a handmade embroidered flower on the front.
My sister Caroline is showing a scarf made from 7 different yarns knitted together as one, slowly changing in colour from pink to blue,through turqoise to emerald green, with matching funky pompons. I always love to change and shift colours as I go, mixing different materials.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Westfriese Dagblad Article, Fall 2005

Westfriese Dagblad photo

Jeans jacket customization

Resident fashionista Martina made these jeans jackets for her and her daughter using applique and embroidery techniques.

Ponchos are SO in!

Poncho made from leftover yarns and strips of denim with fringe, made by Wilbert.

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