Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WillsWools at WoolWinders in Washington.

As we celebrated our wedding the Sheraton in Rockville, Washington DC, I looked around for yarnshops and found a real nice one called Woolwinders (Hi Karina and Gail!) Great selection of exclusive yarns like Colinette, Noro, Manos and... friendly service! I bought some different samples to bring home and show my customers. I recommend this shop!
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Friday, July 13, 2007


I saw this skirt I think in one of the malls in Las Vegas while shopping, I thought it was really beautiful crochet work! Not sure if it's done by hand though...
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Kitty-Fix in DC

On our honeymoon in the usa we visited our friend Gail in Washington DC. She was our wedding planner for our USA Wedding. Also she has some cats and since we dearly missed our own, this was a very welcome Kitty-Fix! Isn't this one adorable and beautiful? The cat I mean.
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My friends Frank and Jeroen bought this adorable puppy. Adorned with swarovski stones, she just looks fabulous and soooooo cute!
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Chrochet Giotto Scarf

Linda is showing a small scarf I crocheted from the fabulous Colinette Giotto ribbon yarn in the "popsicle" colour setting. Just 1 skein , on 12 mm needles.
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Anonymous baglady.

Hey, I made another bag! I have forgotten the name of the girl showing this for me, but thanks again if you read this! Again, 3 threads, changing all the time in colour and texture, on 15 mm crochet hook, sewn on an existing bag.
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