Sunday, March 19, 2006

Martine wear meets Wilbert wear. I did the crochet scarf and hat, with three yarns combined on a eurosize 15 hook! I was inspired by a girl on the plane on my trip back from NYC wearing a similar scarf, but I redesigned it. Martine customized the jeans jacket, and she knows how to do it with the wow-factor!
Modern classic I would call this. Made from a half silk and part linen yarn called Gala by Lana Grossa. I think it is very elegant. But also can be combined with jeans. A big hit in our spring 2006 collection!
Inspired by a Julia Roberts poncho-photo Martine designed this fabulous seventies looking crochet poncho. Granny squares? No way! it was a big success in our store, people made in in various colour combinations.
My collegue Martine's window dressing in our store...I think it looks stunning! She actually knitted the left bolero/cardigan, great colour combo girl! We borrowed some jeans and accessories from our neighbouring Superstar Store.
My first crochet project. I did some edges before but I had to try Martha's poncho pattern!
This bag is one of my first knits.I used three yarns that I varied all the time to create a slow colour transition. I can't sell it , I love it too much! Martine is wearing a self knitted creation from pink "Pep" yarn by Lana Grossa, with a crochet edge made with Sari by Lana Grossa.