Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Knitting poem.

People have asked me to write down the beautiful poem that is read in my video blog entry from youtube, november 4th 2007. Please let me know if you know of the direct source of this poem.

Knitting poem.

As my fingers count and caress each stitch, they become a heartbeat, a safeguard and a rhythm of comfort.

Row after row, I am walled into meditation. My journey guided by the rhythm of the needles, the rhythm of the loom, the rhythm of the spinning wheel.

Each inch of fabric is my testimony. Stitch by stitch I incorporate my soul into the fabric.

I join a long strand of humanity, whose story is told through the textiles of time:

The ancients who braided precious fibres into their hair.

Early Egyptian weavers, whose delicate linen wrappings secured the final journey of the pharaohs.

The earliest mariners, whose purposeful knots now add beauty to my sweaters.

Past to future generations, our stitches of life will endure.

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