Friday, December 21, 2007

My New York City visit. (Dutch spoken video)

Before spending Christmas in Boston, we spent some time in NYC. I visited some fabric, trimmings and yarnshops. Have a look! The quality of the video is not super good because I shot it with my Nokia N93. I especially liked the yarn shop Purl in Soho that is featured in this video and was recommended by my american cousin and fellow knitter Key, thanks Key!


Brookfield said...

I am so glad you had time to visit some shops. I wish I could have gone with you as your NYC textile guide.

Very glad to read that you liked Purl.

Hope to see you again on the 26th.

Anonymous said...

He Wilbert, erg leuk filmpje, krijg meteen zin naar NY te gaan!!

Anonymous said...

hoi Wilbert,
hardstikke leuke film,ik wil ooooook naar New York.
lekker muziek ,Madonna?