Thursday, December 06, 2007

Crochet Art from Helma van Kleinwee.

These are two creations from artist Helma van Kleinwee. She comes into my shop regularly and I asked her for some pictures of her art to present here. They are crocheted from various yarns, but her primary yarn is a basic cotton that after crocheting is painted and hardened into figures. The top creation is called "Damesorkest", which translates as "A ladies orchestra".The bottom creation is called "Meidengeheim", which is all about secrets that girls have among themselves.

Helma van Kleinwee has been creative all her life. Painter, color advisor, interior decorator and stylist. Her motto is "Do what you feel". She thinks it is important to feel warmth and energy during painting. She shapes her emotions into figures and colors. Nothing calculated. She would paint a Tuscany landscape in Holland. Painting on the wings of intuition. She strives for harmony and balance.

"Working towards matter, seeing and feeling structures.
Intense colors and emotions. Observing the world and myself.The sub conscious plays an important role.
Asking questions. Making choices. A quest for ones own truth.
Doing what you feel, to obtain the freedom that is needed to get to the place you want to be".

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daniela cerri fatelefate said...

Ti Adoro!!! E' tutto meraviglioso, magic, complimenti!!!